The Art of Citizen Sleeper

The Art of Citizen Sleeper is the official art book for Citizen Sleeper. It is available as part of the Deluxe Edition of the game on Steam.

The book was written by Gareth Damian Martin and features art from both Martin and the game's other artist, Guillaume Singelin.

Each chapter goes in depth on certain aspects of the game, from the look of the Eye to the various unique characters featured in the game. Alongside, the book also features plenty of concept art from the game's conception.

Citizen Sleeper is a beginning. There are so many stories of the Surrogate Systems and the Core that have yet to be told, and so many characters left to meet.


  1. Roleplaying in the Ruins - Early Development
  2. Finding a Frame - Creating the Sleepers
  3. Citizens of the Eye - Character Designs
  4. A Living Ruin - Environment Design



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